Opinion: OnlyFans is good for the economy, when done right

Over the last few years, OnlyFans has provided innovators in the sex work industry a new way for them to create a brand for themselves and reap the rewards that come with that.
But when the company announced that they would no longer be allowing content creators to post sexually explicit material on the platform it was widely seen as betrayal by creators.
As it was the sex workers on the platform who turned the company from a fledgling tech company into a company with a multi-billion dollar valuation.
OnlyFans has since reversed this decision, announcing that it would allow sexually explicit content to remain on the platform.
This is a win. A win for content creators. A win for subscribers. A win for OnlyFans. And a win for the economy.
It is a win for the content creators new and old who have invested time and money into creating a brand for themselves on the platform and no longer are being forced to move their loyal subscribers to other platforms.
For many content creators OnlyFans offered them an opportunity to either subsidise or wholly replace the income they made from other sources, and was especially beneficial during lockdowns, allowing them to make money from the comfort and safety of their own homes.
It is a win for those loyal subscribers who have provided the contributed to the platform’s growing customer base.
Ultimately it was a wise decision for the company to allow sexually explicit content to remain on the platform as many predicted the ban would see the downfall of OnlyFans.
The move also would have put only fans in direct competition with more established video content providers like YouTube and Patreon, which have loyal audiences already.
Many commentators likened the ban to Tumblr’s 2018 decision to ban adult content from their site, which as we all know worked out so well for them.
In a podcast, TV writer Louis Virtel, was as surprised as many that OnlyFans offered content that wasn’t sexually explicit.

“It is mind blowing. I didn’t know there was any other option for content on their.”

Allowing content creators to post sexually explicit content to OnlyFans is a win for the economy.
Ultimately if you are giving individual participants in the market the ability to make an income with the opportunity to increase that income while also allowing the company that enables it to also make a tidy profit it’s a win for everyone.
That money goes back into the economy, supporting local businesses and charities alike.
So if you want to support your local community, support sex workers, get yourself an OnlyFans subscription.

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