Semper Floreat has been the UQ Union’s student newspaper since 1932.

We’re willing to go brazenly, and with journalistic grit, into stories others shy away from. Mostly because we’re not paid enough (or, in most cases, at all) to care. This is the level of chaotic oscillation between total apathy and political radicalism you can come to expect, from us.

It’s our Union, and our Newspaper.

In 2022, we’re looking to publish monthly special editions, flexible ‘news-sheets’ (reporting on issues that affect students, as they arise), a podcast, memes aplenty, and various videographic formats. We’ll also expand into each of the key satellite campuses, and throughout surrounding localities.

We’re seeking the following:

– subeditors

– writers

– illustrators

– videographers

– satirists

– photographers

– columnists

– poets

(et cetera.)

So, if you’d like to get involved, reach out via “0426 399 423” or “”. Alternatively, come by our office; we’re adjacent the Reddo, everyday during the week.

We’re free & independent.

Semper Floreat has historically enjoyed editorial independence. 

The UQ Union President – currently Emily Searle – authorises its publication, under the constitution, but respects our autonomy. 

At present, the editor-in-chief is Billie Kugelman, who is politically affiliated with the left faction of the Australian Labor Party, and various animal justice movements, but has committed to publishing a wide range of opinion.

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  2. [2] In 2020 UQ Union elections the Labor aligned ticket Rebuild successfully beat the LNP aligned Real and third party ticket Forward to win both Semper Floreat and the UQ Union executive. Although the Rabelais editors responsible for the original article were prosecuted for ignoring a ban on publication issued by the state’s Chief Censor; the editors of the other seven newspapers were not targeted by the authorities. Charges against the Rabelais editors were later dropped.

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