UQ Launches World’s First Orientation Week To Go For An Entire Year

The University of Queensland has today announced that, thanks to great feedback to 2018’s O-Fest initiative, they will be continuing Orientation celebrations for the entire academic year.

“Being a part of #UQLife has always meant setting ourselves apart from other universities, and one of the best ways to set ourselves apart is to step back and take stock of our limitations,” the Orientation Director told the St Lucia Speculator.

“So, after an extensive stakeholder analysis, we realised that every University in Brisbane, even the world, is artificially limiting themselves to giving free shit to students for a single week.

“Think about it — why should we run one week of banal programs when we could be running 20?

“The only appropriate response was to sit down with the academic calendar and scribble buzzwords over it until we could decide on a new name for every week,” the Director said.


For more from the St Lucia Speculator, flip to the back pages of Semper.

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