Peter Varghese Finally Lifts Single Finger In Direction of Drew Pavlou

University of Queensland Chancellor and noted demi-god Peter Varghese, AO has today raised a single finger in the direction of Drew Pavlou, causing the mere mortal to fly across the room like a ragdoll.

Mr Varghese, who has been head of the University of Queensland since leaving his role as Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, also chairs the University Senate, to which students elected Mr Pavlou at the end of last year.

The gesture has allegedly coincided with Mr Pavlou, who is also a noted student activist, receiving a 200-page document outlining cases of misconduct, and advice that the University was considering terminating his enrolment.

Theologians and other researchers are investigating the possibility that Mr Varghese’s very thoughts caused the 200-page document to come into existence.

When pressed for comment on the incident, Mr Varghese seemed visibly confused as to the identity of Mr Pavlou.

“Ah yes,” the eternal being commented after some time. “The little gadfly was interfering with the grand design,” he mused to nobody in particular.

At press time, Mr Varghese had returned his thoughts to influencing the very fabric of time and space. A source close to Mr Varghese advised the Speculator that the incident with Mr Pavlou would now likely be a distant memory to the Chancellor.

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