UQ Academic Board Endorses Ramsay’s Western Civilisation Major

The University of Queensland’s Academic Board has voted to endorse the creation of a new major in Western Civilisation in 2020.

The vote makes UQ’s Academic Board the first in the country to approve the Ramsay Centre’s proposed curriculum. Although the University of Wollongong has approved a Ramsay Centre degree, the university management bypassed its Academic Senate.

However, UQ’s approval process has not been without its own peculiarities. The Humanities and Social Sciences Board of Studies rejected proposals for Ramsay curricula three times before the faculty’s Executive Dean referred it up the chain without Board of Studies approval.

This approval also takes place one month after the first student general meeting in 48 years voted overwhelmingly to reject the degree.

The Western Civilisation major now needs only to pass the University’s peak governing body, the UQ Senate.

UQ Union president Georgia Millroy said the result was a disappointment.

“The UQ Union had hoped that the University would consider the views of the nearly 500 students who came to the SGM and voted against allowing Ramsay on campus, but that was not the case at Academic Board,” Ms Millroy said.

“I call on the University senate to listen to the student voice on this issue, and say no to Ramsay,” she said.

We reported in February that the Academic Board’s first consideration of the proposed major was largely critical; however, no official vote was taken at that time.

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