“It’s a crock”: UQ on political correctness grading controversy

The Courier Mail has today embarked on a total rerun of a 2018 article regarding whether UQ has a university-wide policy for gender-neutral language in assignments. The University had no such policy in 2018, and continues to not have one to this day.

In 2018, the policy — which lives its entire life rent-free in the minds of Courier Mail journalists — made headlines over the use of “mankind” in a student essay. In today’s so-called news, it appears over the use of the phrase “founding father”.

In neither instance did the Courier Mail find any evidence that the student had been marked down for the grammatical infelicity.

In what is apparently too difficult for the fact-challenged journalists at the Courier Mail, Semper immediately emailed the University’s Office of Marketing and Communications to fact-check whether the University has instituted such a policy to what would have been the apparent ignorance of literally anyone that’s submitted an assignment in the past two years.

For those aspiring journalists at home, the conversation went exactly like this:
Semper: “This is a crock [of shit], right? I remember it being a crock in 2018, and to my knowledge there’s been no change. Are you aware of any change?”
UQ: “As far as we are aware – it is still a croc[k].”

As in 2018, the only reasonable interpretation of the facts is that a tutor left a comment on someone’s assignment without any corresponding loss of marks.

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