What is the Union Hub?

Have you passed the old lolly shop recently? Well, it certainly isn’t a lolly shop anymore. Located next to UQU Secondhand Texts & Stationery, the Union Hub is a casual student space brought to you by UQU, your student union.

The Union Hub is a social space where you can eat your lunch, catch up with mates, or just laze around on the beanbags between classes.

If you only know the UQU the funny smiley face on a few doors or your coffee cups, you might be surprised to find out the UQU does so so much more.

More details are the on the UQU website but the Union hub aims to be a reflection of that. Where you will find weekly free services running all throughout the day and night. But you can look at previous events hosted by the UQU on the photo walls

The Union Hub is home to Morning Marmalade, the free breakfast bar running every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Kampus Kitchen, our free student dinner running every Wednesday and weekly SHOC student help sessions 2 pm – 3 pm each week.
The Union Hub is open 7:30 am – 4 pm during the week


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