5 top tips to survive Student Elections

Today marks a sacred day, or at least a feared one by many ‘regular’ students. If you haven’t already seen them in their bright shirts and eagerness to hand you one of those be all or end all campaign leaflets, you must be living the high life at another campus.
But listen up, as someone who has experienced the life of a ‘regular’ student and that of a stupol hack, there are somethings you can avoid in the hope that you will make it to next stupol season.


1.  You might be going ‘hey, this isn’t too bad’. Yeah, hun, it is campaign week. Just you wait until the voting week (9th – 13th of October), that is when the claws really come out. So choose when you go out very wisely and plan your routes well to avoid the roping and voting specialists.

2.  Think you are safe sitting in the great court or using the “I’m late for class” line, you would be dead wrong. These highly trained prowlers will sit down, join in your conversations, walk you to class and if you ask they’ll probably even carry your books. These kids are more romantic than any of my ex’s.

3.  Don’t get caught in the Gauntlet. Think I am going to far? You just don’t realize how true this it. This area which will be planned out to the dot by each political group, key walking spaces and prized campaigners all divided up strategically to reach the most students. This ground is the undercovered area between the lolly shop and the UQ Union entrance. Avoid at all costs or come along for a show.

4.  Hear them out. Don’t do it every time but these kids do want to help the campus or be student politicians but still think they are doing this stuff for the greater good (most of the time). You only have to do it once and it might help you procrastinate or learn something about the UQ Union – there are actually serious reasons why we can’t have a Maccas.

5.  VOTE!! Vote early and vote often! It is the only way to avoid them, some resort to pinning the $5 voucher to their shirts or waving them like a white flag on a battlefield (exactly what I call the campus during these two weeks). But always remember you get a $5 voucher out of it, it might actually all be worth it (probs not for the stupol hacks though).


Either way, have fun students and make good life choices stupol hacks.


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